Who Are We?

About Us


Bentcam was established in 2009 in pursuit of manufacturing the most energy efficient glass doors along with advanced composite & glass material products. Based in Izmir, Turkey, we come together to manufacture glass doors, frames and special glass products for use in the refrigeration industry. Our goal is to break away from pre-set market concepts and to create the most state-of-the-art products by combining different approaches and thought processes. Bentcam brand is built on a core philosophy that emphasizes the best design, innovation and performance in energy systems on the market. Consistently reflecting on potential future trends and lifestyle scenarios, we strive to anticipate changing expectations of the market and the consumer and respond accordingly while designing our collections. Bentcam brings together a group of like-minded, young and vital generation to create a multi-disciplinary synergy. With creative management systems and smart approaches, Bentcam is designed to make a difference and become successful in our endeavors. In the pursuit of becoming one of the leaders in this industry, Bentcam continues to improve constantly, perfecting its quality.



Here at Bentcam we know that that alone, good design will only take a brand so far. For products to consistently stand out with positive recognition, quality is a must. Establishing an effective quality control system that is applied to all levels of business from management, product quality and service. In reaching this goal, we enrolled into the ISO 9001 certificate program as a first step. Bentcam is committed to ensuring that working conditions in our manufacturing plant is safe, workers are treated with respect and manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. To show our responsibility and take it to a serious level, Bentcam has started the ISO 14001 environmental management standards to minimize the operations that negatively affect our environment. Our efforts now as Bentcam focus on complying with OHSAS 18001 standards on workers health and safety.


The Environment

Bentcam takes a complete product life-cycle approach to determine our environmental impact. Reducing our impact on the environment by improving our products is a priority for us as our goals are to deliver our customers with the best energy efficient solutions backed with environmentally friendly operations and technology. Bentcam design center aims to design products that are non- toxic, much lighter, thinner, compact while stringently optimizing material usage and remaining robust and durable. Furthermore, we work hard to come up with designs that require smaller packaging, that are energy efficient to their maximum potential and can be recycled after completing their life cycle.



Bentcam is always working to find new ways to make its products and services even better. It puts a lot of importance on R&D (research and development) studies, in order to come up with products that are innovative and user-friendly. New product designs are created with the latest technology tools, which are often used in R&D Laboratories.